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Why you can’t be too careful with the life insurance limits for your state

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. has a new policy limiting how much your life insurance company can claim against your credit and savings account. 

The policy, called FDIC Life Insurance Limits, goes into effect on October 31, 2020, and applies to the insureds age 65 and older, including children, grandchildren, spouses and the surviving spouses or partners of the insured. 

The policy also limits how much money the insured can earn.

If the insured’s income is below $1 million, the policy limits will go up. 

This is different from what happened with the FDIC’s $1,000,000 Life Insurance Limit, which has gone up to $1.1 million since October 20, 2017. 

However, unlike the $1M limit, the $100,000 limit applies only to the first $100 of a person’s income, which is the insured $1 and $1-1.2 million. 

If you’re under age 65, you’ll need to pay $1 for every $1 you earn.

The FDIC limits apply to the following: Your employer’s 401(k) plan

How to get an unemployment insurance claim from the Feds

The Federal Emergency Management Agency will begin paying claims to the families of those who lost their jobs due to Hurricane Harvey in Texas, and to those who had their homes destroyed.

Officials will begin accepting claims from the Federal Emergency Operations Center at 5 p.m.

ET Friday, FEMA said in a statement Thursday.

The agency is expecting to pay $2.5 billion for the first quarter of 2018.

The money will be used to help victims and their families recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey.

“The Federal Emergency Operation Center (FEMA) is pleased to announce that the FEMA’s Disaster Relief Operations will receive $2,500,000 in emergency unemployment compensation to help survivors of Hurricane Katrina recover from Hurricane Harvey,” FEMA Administrator Brock Long said in the statement.

“This is a critical step in the recovery process and is expected to result in significant financial relief for millions of Americans impacted by Hurricane Harvey.”

The Federal Disaster Relief Appropriations Act for 2018 passed the House of Representatives on Tuesday, and the Senate is expected soon to approve the measure.

The amount of money FEMA is paying will be a fraction of the $4.7 billion FEMA spent on Harvey recovery efforts.

How to get insurance for yourself if you don’t have one

The state of California has put in place a requirement that most new auto insurance policies be backed by a state-issued policy that pays for medical and/or dental expenses.

That means those policies will no longer be able to claim state tax credits, which have become increasingly scarce in California.

The move comes as states like New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts are putting in place requirements that all policies must be insured by a national insurance exchange.

The change has been welcomed by some, but it comes amid a tightening of the insurance market and a new administration under President Donald Trump that has said it wants to keep insurers from moving to the individual market.

But some critics worry that this is just the start of a wave of consolidation in the insurance industry.


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