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How to find a dental insurance plan in Australia

Posted October 05, 2018 10:23:18It is a good idea to check out dental insurance companies as they may offer lower rates than the one you are paying, according to a recent study.

The study, by insurance expert Ian Young from ANZ, found dental insurance premiums in Australia are significantly lower than the average for other countries.

Dr Young said the average dental insurance policy in Australia costs $5,600 a year.

“If you are looking at a $5k policy, it’s a very attractive value for people,” he said.

“If we had the same rate for $10k, it would be much more attractive to people.”

It’s not like the average policy is going to be a bargain.

“The study looked at all the dental insurance policies available in Australia and asked people how much they would pay for a policy in their state.

The survey showed that in the Greater Sydney Area, the average cost was $566 a year for a single policy.

For regional areas, it was $821, $1,874, $3,769, $2,746 and $2.874 respectively.

However, in regional NSW, the median cost was lower, at $634, $913, $521 and $1.857 respectively.

Dr Yee said the higher prices may be due to the cost of providing coverage and lower premiums.”

I think there’s a certain level of self-selection, that people will pick up a dental policy, but I think that’s more due to affordability, rather than quality,” he explained.”

There are a lot of people out there who have a dental problem and are going to want dental care, but can’t afford to pay it out of pocket.

“Dental insurance policies are usually a part of an individual’s budget, and can be a great way to make ends meet.

Dr Young recommends people look at their state insurance and get their dental plan.

He also said people should pay their own bills.

Health and Disability Minister Cameron Dickie said the government was working to expand access to dental care in the country, and had set up an information campaign to encourage people to check dental insurance online.

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