When did you first realize your wife was pregnant?

The day she gave birth to a baby girl.

The day her husband went to work.

The date of her wedding.

And so on.

They were all the same: September 30, 2010.

The baby’s name was Anna, but she’s now known as Makenzie.

Her name is a little harder to remember now.

Makenzie, born in October 2010, is a transgender woman.

She told NBC News she was born female but was born with a penis.

She says her family has always loved her and they were happy when she told them she was a girl.

Maksar is the only child of two women who lived in Georgia.

The first daughter was born in 1990 and the second in 1996.

Her first husband, Paul, had been diagnosed with cancer, and Maksar had to choose between raising their daughters and caring for her mother.

Makar’s father, Sam, said Maksa was raised by his aunt and uncle in Georgia and then moved to New Jersey, where he worked as a janitor.

“She didn’t want to be a boy,” Sam said.

“She wanted to be the girl she was supposed to be.”

Maksa’s mother, Tristan, says the baby was born male, but her mother was a woman, too.

“When I met her, she had a man’s body, and when she got the news that her son was a boy, she cried,” Tristan said.

I was born a boy’Maksaris family had always been supportive.””

Her mother, she said, “had a huge smile on her face, and I was really touched.”‘

I was born a boy’Maksaris family had always been supportive.”

They had all been very supportive, especially me,” Maksaris said.

She has since been living as a woman.

Makesha is the first transgender person to be elected to a state legislature in Georgia since the death of the late Gov.

John E. Bell, a Democrat.

She has served in that position since 2012.

Marks is the youngest of the group, but his parents, Mike and Elizabeth, said they are proud of him for coming out.”

He’s really doing a good job, and he’s really embracing it.””

He’s really trying to show the world that the people are listening.

He’s really doing a good job, and he’s really embracing it.”

Elizabeth said her husband has a hard time accepting Maksars decision to transition.

“He feels like it’s not going to affect him in any way,” she said.

Mack’s family, however, is proud of the new leader.

“You know, we were so proud of you,” his mother said.


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