Why you might want to consider mobile dental coverage

The cost of mobile dental insurance has fallen sharply in recent years and there is evidence that it’s helping to drive consumers to more affordable coverage, according to a new study by Cigna and the National Association of Chain Drug Stores.

The study, which is based on data from a survey conducted in 2014 by CincyInsurance, found that mobile dental costs rose by about 40 percent in the past decade, compared to a 6 percent rise in the price of traditional dental insurance.

Mobile dental coverage has become increasingly popular among consumers, and consumers are increasingly choosing to buy coverage in areas where they can access the most affordable coverage options, according the study, titled “Mobile Dentistry: A Comparison of Mobile Dental Coverage and Traditional Coverage.”

This coverage is more affordable, with rates starting at just $6 a month, compared with $30 for a standard dental plan, the study said.

The rise in mobile dental rates comes in addition to a drop in traditional dental coverage costs, the researchers found.

The analysis was based on information from a questionnaire and interviews with consumers, pharmacy benefit managers, health care workers, and the owners of mobile pharmacies.

The survey found that consumers are more likely to get coverage through their mobile pharmacy than through traditional dental, with about 60 percent of consumers choosing mobile coverage.

In addition, mobile coverage has also been linked to fewer medical bills and a higher quality of care, with a higher proportion of consumers saying they were able to make payments on their mobile dental plans than they were with traditional coverage.

Cincy, the leading provider of mobile coverage, said that consumers may be choosing mobile dental because they can get a cheaper price and can access a more comprehensive range of coverage options than traditional dental.

The report said that, overall, the survey found mobile coverage is generally more affordable than traditional coverage, with consumers spending an average of $13 a month for a mobile dental plan.

It also found that nearly two-thirds of consumers said they could make payments without having to worry about insurance companies collecting fees or having to pay for services.

While most people will never use mobile dental as a primary care option, the report said mobile dental offers consumers a way to receive a range of dental care without the cost of traditional coverage and at lower cost than traditional plans.

Cigna said it has seen a 30 percent increase in mobile coverage among consumers since 2013, as people are choosing to get more affordable dental coverage.

The survey found 79 percent of respondents said they had started using mobile dental, and Cignas mobile dental mobile dental account is up nearly 40 percent since 2014.

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