How to protect your health from the flu, influenza virus and other health issues

1 of 6 Don’t let the flu be your new normal!

There’s an emerging body of scientific research that shows the flu can be a major health threat and it could have devastating consequences.

The new study by researchers at Harvard Medical School and the National Institutes of Health shows that the flu could lead to the death of up to 100,000 people and even the spread of influenza virus through the air, including through your airway.

In other words, the flu may be a new and devastating threat.1.

The flu vaccine is not effective enoughTo understand how the flu vaccine might fail, let’s look at the flu virus, which is spread by respiratory droplets.

The virus enters the respiratory tract by inhaling droplets, which then move into the bloodstream and then into the brain.

If you have asthma, you may have a chronic asthma.

If your lungs are damaged or if you’ve ever had a cold, you can develop an asthma attack.

All of these conditions may contribute to the flu.

It’s a complex virus, so you have to be careful not to over- or under-vaccinate.

But if you have a severe flu-like illness, there is a good chance that your flu vaccine won’t protect you against it.2.

You might be protected from the influenza virusBut not all influenza viruses are created equal.

If the flu becomes a pandemic and you have severe flu symptoms, it can become hard to protect yourself against influenza because the virus can jump to your heart and cause a heart attack or stroke.

You can also be at risk if you catch a cold or have a weakened immune system.

If a flu outbreak begins in your community, you’re at greater risk of catching a virus that could spread to others.

But, if you’re already in a protected position, you could still get sick.3.

Your lungs are weakenedIt’s possible that the strain of influenza that you’re susceptible to is not very different from a flu strain that is common in other countries.

In the United States, flu-related deaths are a fraction of flu-associated deaths because of a very small percentage of people who are affected by the flu strain.

But people are still dying from influenza-related causes.

In fact, in the United Kingdom, more people die from influenza than flu-induced deaths.4.

There’s a lack of data to predict what will happenThe United States is the only industrialized nation that hasn’t tested influenza vaccines against influenza.

That’s because influenza is still a very common disease.

In Europe, the situation is different.

In France, flu is more prevalent than in other European countries, which has led to a more rigorous testing process and a much lower number of deaths and injuries.

In Denmark, where the vaccine has been used for about 30 years, about 10% of the population has had flu symptoms and about 5% of all flu cases have been associated with the flu and not with influenza.5.

Your body has evolved to fight the fluWhen you’re sick, your immune system fights the flu by targeting the virus.

Your cells make antibodies to fight off the virus, and they fight the virus by attacking the proteins in the virus that are important for its replication.

If they’re not working, your body can’t produce those antibodies.

The antibodies can’t stop the virus from replicating.

But the antibodies also work to kill the virus itself.

So when your body produces fewer of those antibodies, your lungs can produce less of the anti-viral drugs that your body needs to stop the flu from reploding.

If that happens, the virus will be able to survive.

And once that happens the virus may get more virulent.6.

Your immune system is very good at fighting the fluIt’s known that the immune system protects against infections by using specialized cells called T cells.

The T cells that are most effective against flu viruses are called T-cells.

T-cell cells work in tandem with the virus to kill viruses and other cells that could be harmful to your body.

The immune system has a great advantage over other immune systems.

But when the immune response is weak or if the immune cells are not working very well, the immune reaction can be very inefficient.

The body can make a very poor effort to fight flu viruses because it’s not always clear whether it is working well or not.7.

Your ability to recover from the virus depends on your immune responseYou have to work hard to fight influenza viruses.

The sooner you recover from an infection, the more likely you are to be able go back to work and your job performance will improve.

It can be hard to recover if you don’t have a strong immune response to the virus you’ve been exposed to.

If this happens, it may take a while for you to feel better.

If it’s a flu-season flu, it’s important to avoid getting close to work.

Avoid drinking large amounts of alcohol and caffeine, and


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