How Insure Allstate Rents to Your Ex-Boyfriend?

Allstate, one of the biggest and most popular rental companies in the country, recently announced that it is changing its rental policies.

According to Allstate’s new policy, renters are no longer allowed to rent out an apartment or house to someone who has been convicted of a felony, domestic violence, or sex offense.

The change is only for tenants who have been with the company for at least two years, though you can still rent an apartment to someone with one past conviction.

Previously, renters could rent to a person with no convictions.

According the Allstate spokesperson, the company has been a leader in ensuring its employees are trained in how to respond to the new policy.

It’s been more than 20 years since the company changed its policies, and the company hopes the new one will help its employees better understand their rights under the new policies.

This policy will be effective January 1st and last for three years, the spokesperson said.

The policy also allows renters to terminate the lease for any reason and will not be considered a rental termination. 

The new policy will also help ensure renters can’t be evicted for a number of reasons, including a failure to pay rent, not having insurance, or using fraudulent credit card or mortgage accounts.

The new policy also states that renters who are convicted of felony domestic violence or sex offenses must pay restitution and must not reenter the U.S. for two years. 

Allstate also announced that renters will not have to pay back the rental property after it is returned to the company.

If you rent an Allstate property to someone and he or she is convicted of domestic violence and/or sexual assault, they will not receive any payments from the rental agreement. 

“This policy change is intended to prevent landlords from using fraudulent and abusive credit card accounts, rent check scams, and other tactics to evict tenants from their properties,” the spokesperson wrote.

“This policy also does not allow landlords to evict renters based on past criminal convictions, which is the primary reason we’ve changed our policies.” 

For more information on renters’ rights, check out the Allstates official site. 

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