When you’re an uninsured person, your doctor doesn’t have to treat you

A lot of us will never get to a point where our health insurance kicks in — and that’s a big, big problem for millions of Americans who are on Medicaid.

But that won’t stop politicians and policymakers from thinking about the problem.

On Tuesday, the House Ways and Means Committee voted to extend Medicaid benefits to more than 6.4 million Americans who lack health insurance coverage or pay more than 80% of their income on premiums.

The legislation is an important step to fix a problem that has left many Americans struggling to pay their bills.

While the bill doesn’t include a timeline for when the extension will take effect, it’s likely to be the case by the end of the year.

“It’s a very important step toward restoring health care to those who need it, and that includes millions of people in the Medicaid program,” said Representative Mark Meadows, Republican of North Carolina.

While many Americans have heard the call to expand Medicaid, the number of Americans without insurance has skyrocketed over the last few years.

The federal government has cut Medicaid coverage to about 5 million people in a state-by-state manner, according to a new analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

More than 70 million people are now uninsured, and about 11 million of them have no health insurance, according the Kaiser report.

That’s up from 8 million in 2010.

The expansion of Medicaid has been one of the biggest legislative priorities of the Trump administration.

Trump has repeatedly called for it to be expanded to cover people without health insurance.

But Congress hasn’t come up with a plan yet.

Meadows said the Senate is taking up a bill that would allow states to opt out of the federal government’s expansion, which is a step forward for Medicaid expansion.

The Senate bill, however, has not received a vote from Republicans, making it unclear how far lawmakers will go in pushing for Medicaid.

The bill is supported by Democrats and some Republicans.

But it’s not guaranteed to pass the House, which controls the White House.

It is expected to be passed by the Republican-led House but faces opposition from Democrats and other Republicans.

Moody’s downgraded the nation’s credit rating on Tuesday, citing uncertainty over the Medicaid extension.

The downgrade could also affect how insurers in the insurance exchanges operate.

Some analysts are predicting that the extension won’t be enough to prevent insurers from canceling their plans in 2018, when many people in Medicaid would lose their insurance coverage.

The CBO has estimated that Medicaid would add about 0.2 percentage points to the deficit, but the nonpartisan office has said that the CBO has not provided a specific estimate for how many people would be affected by the Medicaid expansion that would take effect.

That could cause insurers to drop out of buying policies on the exchanges.

“There is concern that the current uncertainty around the impact of the extension on health insurance market activity will lead to further cancellations of policies, especially if insurers are not fully confident that the benefits of the expansion are fully justified,” the CBO said in a report published last week.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the expansion could add $5.4 trillion to the federal debt over 10 years.

The extension also could lead to more Medicaid patients receiving coverage.

The CBO found that people with incomes below 138% of the poverty level would be less likely to get Medicaid coverage if the Medicaid expansions took effect, but that those with incomes over $110,000 a year would be more likely to qualify for Medicaid coverage.

About 1 in 5 uninsured Americans are on the Medicaid rolls, according a Kaiser Family Study.

The latest analysis from the CBO found the number who would be eligible for Medicaid would be nearly the same for those who lack insurance coverage as for those with it.

The federal government pays for about a third of Medicaid benefits for low-income people.

In 2018, the average cost of Medicaid coverage for an individual was $5,749.

The cost for a family of four would be $14,500.

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